Looking back I never really had any sort of plan. I never had a dream job that I aspired to. When people around me were picking their life path and choosing what to study to reach their goal I didn’t even understand what was out there. I had no idea about business, and I was unable to academically achieve, so university would have never been an option – even if I did have any sort of idea what I was aiming for. I also never really had any career dreams. People would ask me: “If you could do any job, what would it be?” I could never answer; I couldn’t even think of anything that really appealed, even in a dream.

As I got older I floated from one job to another, and every time I ensured a slight promotion and pay rise but never found anything I could give my heart to. I was always searching for that job that made me want to tell people about what I did. I wanted a job that made me feel the same way as people who enjoyed talking about theirs. People kept telling me I’d be happy in sales, I’d enjoy leading a team, and that recruitment would give me a buzz. I tried all of these roles with an open mind and a desire to succeed.

I’d sit on rush hour trains, suit on, replying to emails as I travelled to meetings, and I’d look around at everybody else doing the same and think – this isn’t for me. I’d sit in offices of sales professionals high fiving each other about more stuff they’d sold to people who probably didn’t need it and couldn’t afford it, and I would think, “This isn’t me”.

The trouble was I could always find stuff that wasn’t me, but no matter how hard I tried I simply couldn’t find something that really jelled with me. That was until the first time I found enough confidence to show people what I could do. Those first few bits of magic that I shakily worked my way through changed everything. When I saw the reactions on people’s faces and the pride in my father’s eyes, and when I felt the buzz it gave me, I knew I’d found it. The plan I never had and the dreams I could never imagine had all come together. Maybe 15 or so years later than I would have liked! But nonetheless it was there; I had what I had been searching for.

Once I realised that I had found something I truly loved, I grabbed it with both hands. Suddenly I had a use for the strange talents I’d had since I was a teenager. I had a purpose, and things that I thought were just freaky little things most couldn’t do were in fact the beginning of my journey into magic.

I was offered an amazing opportunity to work in TV – helping produce a prime time TV show, working with a fantastic team of people. Although it was a role I really enjoyed, I couldn’t give it my all, as the desire to be a full time performer was too strong. Once you discover an ability to make people forget their problems, if only for a moment, it becomes very hard to do anything else.

So now I have my path and my direction. It’s not an easy journey, but it is made easier by the support of people close to me. Everybody says that hard work pays off, so with fingers crossed and for the first time, and with my head held high, I’ll keep going. Your positive comments and feedback make all the hard work and financial uncertainty worthwhile, so thank you.

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