Out to lunch

Most people will know me for being a street magician who also works for the Coventry Blaze ice hockey club entertaining the VIPs and sponsors on match nights to add to the already adrenalin-pumping experience that comes with attending a Blaze game. Some people, mostly business owners, know me as a corporate entertainer who can draw them bigger crowds at trade shows and engage their customers in ways they won’t forget – increasing sales and brand awareness. Local businesses might know me as an ice-breaker who can really make a networking event a success. My magic has a (un)natural way of bringing people together and getting strangers talking.

I’m also often trusted to entertain at weddings. Being booked for a wedding, for somebody’s big day, is one of the biggest compliments you can ever receive as a professional performer. The rest of my bookings are mostly private parties and events – however a new trend is starting.

I’ve recently been talking to restaurant owners about working with them to enhance the dining experience of their restaurant. Working with restaurants means I’m working out in the open – so if you want to see me perform without booking me for a private event this is a great way to do it!

Restaurants have been using magicians in this way for years and years, but it was becoming something seen less and less recently. I’d like to change that! The reason magic works so well in this situation is that, unlike a musician or singer who plays to the entire room, a magician performs at one table at time, making everybody on that table feel included and involved.

The main advantages of having a magician at a restaurant are obvious; long waiting times are made entertaining so diners (especially young ones) don’t get restless or bored. A good magician will bring customers back to a restaurant but also may well ensure they bring new customers with them to share the experience. Week day evenings are often quiet for restaurants so a regular magician working on a set night can increase midweek business.

That’s just the start of the benefits though. I’ve had great success working at an Italian restaurant that changes its specials board every day. I was able to memorise the specials and tell the customers about them as I performed. I’ve also worked for restaurants that have used diner’s club cards. I was able to inform customers about the features and benefits of these cards without the information being mistaken for a hard sell. Also having a regular night that has a magician means that night suddenly becomes a great night to book in a party or celebration for. I update my Facebook page with my upcoming gigs, so keep checking my page to see what I’m up to: www.facebook.com/jesterstylesmagic.

For me it’s just a great way to share my magic with more people; people who wouldn’t normally come into contact with what I do.

Magic is a gift that needs to be shared – I’ve never seen it as anything else.

Some people see it as a puzzle for them to try and work out, some like the freedom it brings; the way it can stop you thinking about the stressful hustle and bustle of the real world, and others just like to get lost in the child-like wonderment that it brings.

Me? I just want to be seen. I want make that moment for that person, create an extra special memory for somebody to think back on. The magic is in the moments and the memories. The rest is just tricks.

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