On Reflection

I’ve had slightly more time to reflect over the last few days. I’m grateful for the people who have taken the time not only to read my words, but also to get in touch with me to tell me that they’re enjoying my words and want to read more. So now the enjoyable but frantic work schedule has eased after Christmas it’s time to reflect on everything I’ve taken from the past few weeks.

I’ve been working large venues, performing to hundreds of people every evening and teaming up with other magicians. All these experiences have helped to shape me as a performer, increasing my confidence and teaching me more about a side of the business I’d never seen before.

This sort of corporate experience has been amazing and I’m extremely fortunate and proud to have been invited to perform at such large scale events. I was a little bit apprehensive at first though. I was concerned that working the corporate scene would in some way water me down or restrict me. I’ve never wanted to be just another black tie magician; I like to think I have my own style – my own twist on everything I do. As it happens I was still able to be myself, and still do things in my own style. I did have to tone some stuff down, as some of the stuff I normally perform is simply not suitable for that sort of environment, but I was still able to be myself and perform my own stuff, in my own way.

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