Have you ever felt the undeniable desire to do something? The need to that is too strong to be ignored, despite the fact that all reason and sense goes against it?

Some people claim that they suddenly get an urge to look in a certain place for an item they gave up as being lost years before. Some people feel an urge to visit a certain place; a place they have never been to before but they know they need to go there and they know it will be for their benefit. Much more than simply wanderlust this is an undeniable feeling from within.

That’s how I felt when I witnessed an American magician risk his entire livelihood by placing a needle through his hand. I watched in amazement as the needle pierced his skin and continued to sink into his flesh. By the time the needle had penetrated the magician’s hand without a single drop of blood, I already knew I had to try it myself. I was able to speak with him for about ten minutes that evening to try and get some advice. Ten minutes was just enough time for him to advise me against doing it, to warn me of the dangers, and to give me two needles to try it with. I think that he knew he would be unable to talk me out of it – so he at least made sure I was using sterile needles of the right size.

So that was all the “training” I had. I started to do my own research and found that each hand contains (plus or minus… everyone is different):

    • 29 major and minor bones (many people have a few more).
    • 29 major joints
    • At least 123 named ligaments
    • 34 muscles which move the fingers and thumb:
      • 17 in the palm of the hand and
      • 18 in the forearm
    • 48 named nerves:
      • 3 major nerves
      • 24 named sensory branches
      • 21 named muscular branches
    • 30 named arteries and nearly as many smaller named branches.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this information did little to help my nerves.

I also learnt that some of the early writings on the origins of acupuncture suggest that its success comes from the needles attacking our inner demons when they pierce their flesh. It’s said the reason the pain is next to unnoticeable is because its these demons who receive the damage. The ancients who first practised acupuncture supposedly possessed a sort of sixth sense to be able to tell where these demons hid and using this ability they could remove the demons’ taint from the body of their patients. This was a little more what I needed, If this sort of six sense did exist, did I have it? Is that why I was so drawn to the idea of doing this?

I spoke to a few other magicians and some close friends, most of whom were horrified and asked me to reconsider. I actually had a chat with a gentleman who swallows razorblades and then regurgitates them for his audience who told me not to do it as the risks were too high. Nothing they said could deter me though, and I was convinced I was going to do it. One thing that did stop me in my tracks was the fact that some of my younger fans and followers may try to emulate this or try something similar. This did worry me, so I decided to release this video first:

After that had been done, the only thing left to do was to attempt it myself. You can see the end result here:

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