My Final Act

My final act to close the 2013/14 season as the official Magician and corporate host for the Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey team was to perform to the guests and players at the end of season awards ceremony.

This year the Blaze had gone all out, and I found myself performing in an amazing looking giant marquee, with music filling the room at just the correct volume to create an ambiance, yet not overpower any conversations around the room.

As well as the stage that would later be in use as the awards were handed out there was a large screen that came to life with images and videos of various highlights from the season we had just put to bed.

The Coventry Blaze may not be able to match other teams in the leagues budget or funding but they sure know have to throw a party! No expense was spared and there was a good vibe in the room from the moment the evening started.

This event was the first time a lot of the Blaze fans had the opportunity to see me perform as on match nights I’m looking after the corporate sponsors and VIP guests as part of the Executive Match Night Packages.


The moment I walked in I was in demand. People who had heard about ‘the magician’ all season long suddenly had me within their grasp and they intended to make the most of it! I was almost deafened by comments about hopes I would live up to the hype! I took the pressure on the chin and just did what I do.

Before I knew it, it was time for the awards to start. Grabbing a drink on the way I found a seat near some friendly faces and sat back to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Now it takes a little while to clear my head after I’ve been performing. To do what I do I have to get into a certain headspace; the space that Jester Styles lurks, and this takes a little while to come down from.

Because of this I wasn’t fully focused on what was being said by the Chairman as he addressed the room on over the PA system. I was aware he was thanking somebody for support and service over the last season but the Blaze has so many great supporters and sponsors I wouldn’t have liked to guess who he was talking about…

…Then I started to realise a few people where looking at me, then a few more… Soon it felt like the entire marquee was looking at me. Then the clapping started and I was being called to the front! The Blaze had decided to start off the awards by thanking me for everything I’d done over the season and presenting me with a very nice trophy!

I don’t think I put it down all night! It was such a surprise and an honour.

I can’t wait to get back to the Blaze very soon. To find out more about the Blaze, see www.COVENTRYBLAZE.COM

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