People often ask me how I come up with the ideas and the tricks that I perform. Let me be honest from the start; a large percentage of the magic I perform is not my original idea or concept; some of the stuff I perform is simply my spin on a classic passed down from hundreds of years ago. Some of it is the work of talented friends who are constantly working to move magic forward and keep it modern. I also look for inspiration in day to day life. The desk I sit at is surrounded by images and items that inspire me; images of street art, carnivals, harlequins, jesters and superheroes all inspire both my performance and creative style.

How do I come up with ideas? Things just happen that get me thinking. For example, the other day I witnessed a man approach a bar to order drinks for himself and three friends. He had left the table only 30 seconds before but had already forgotten one of the drinks. So I wondered if I could do that – could I force somebody to forget information they had received only seconds before. This idea stayed with me for a few days, so I started off doing little tests on visitors over Christmas, and started to get results. I didn’t  tell them I was doing anything, I didn’t make a performance out of it, I just kept on working at it. When I was convinced it could be done, I reached out to professionals who perform feats like this. I needed to know that what I was doing would not only work, but wouldn’t risk any long term effects for the spectators.

My initial idea was to make somebody forget information they had just been given, but I needed this to be more of a performance, so I thought about making somebody unable to fully remember their mobile phone number. But often I perform for people who have never met as I’m often booked as an ice breaker, so I would have to make a stranger give out his mobile number to strangers… would you? I needed to think of something less personal but just as effective.

It took some time but since settling on the performance I do now, I’ve achieved amazing reactions from it. Much better than I ever dreamed I would. I’m able to freak people out, but in a way that they still feel safe and never have to give up any personal information or be embarrassed in any way.

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