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How to book a magician for a fiver…

Like so much in this life, when booking a magician you get what you pay for.

TV quality, award-winning magical entertainers like Jester Styles aren’t cheap.

The cost of hiring an entertainer is not simply the price of the time they spend with you, but the years of practice and perfecting their product.

Performing as a full time professional has all sorts of hidden costs, like insurance. (Please always check the person you hire has insurance!) All these costs have to be added into the fee of each booking.

If you have ever seen Jester Styles doing what he does, in the way only he can, then you’ll know first hand that the memories and moments that are created within the mix of fire, ice, needles (and whatever else he can get his hands on) are priceless.

I challenge anyone who’s experienced this type of entertainment up close and personal to truthfully say it’s not worth double the asking price.

That being said, most people, myself included, don’t have the budget to make every house party and social event absolutely unforgettable by adding TV quality street magic as entertainment…

Or do they?

What If I told you that you can book an award-winning Magician for a fiver, saving yourself hundreds of pounds.

How? The same way new ideas are being brought to the market place all the time… crowd funding!

It’s #Magic! #chihuahua #cards #tricks #magician

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Next time you’re planning an event, a summer BBQ for a family birthday, or a house warming party, why not ask everybody to contribute towards the fee of hiring some unforgettable entertainment that will really make the event special?

If everybody donates just five pounds you’ll reach the desired figure with ease, and everybody at the party will get unbelievable value for their money.

So why not try it out at your next event, and I guarantee everybody will enjoy an enhanced evening of entrainment for the price of a decent bottle of wine.

For more information about costings for booking Jester Styles to entertain at your next event contact him today on 07730615294 or email

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